At a time when the world is experiencing one of the most important pandemics of the last century, we find ourselves forced to stay locked at home (for a good cause) in order to minimize the risks of spreading the virus and to respect the required safety instructions. So why not take advantage of these weeks of confinement and turn them to our advantage?

In this article, we will introduce you to several ways to occupy your time, in a smart way, during the long weeks of quarantine.

Here are the 7 best activities to do during lockdown:

1. Learn a new language

It's always good to learn a new skill, why not learn to speak Japanese, German or Italian… The choice is yours!

2. Tidy up your closet

Because you never have time to do it on other days, this is the perfect opportunity to get started. Sort through your clothes and remember to recycle the clothes you no longer wear or donate them to needy people. It will make you space and make one or two people happy.

Tidy up your closet - high hoist
A little refreshment of the living room!

3. Re-decorate your apartment

These moments of confinement are perfect for reviewing the decoration of your home. Arrange your furniture differently, change the positioning of your bed… Give your apartment some tonic !

4. Take back the sport at home

Are the gyms closed? So what? We don't get demotivated! Sports activities are resumed at home for at least one hour a day. Remember, summer is just around the corner;)

Play sports at home - Haut Hasse
A little session every day will do you good!

5. Read one book a week

We do not forget to cultivate ourselves and to resume reading a little. Set a goal of reading at least one book a week. You will come out of this confinement with more knowledge and more knowledge.

Read one book a week - top
Immerse yourself in a beautiful novel!

6. Try new recipes

It's time to pull out our old cookbooks and test all the ones we've never had time to try, or try again the ones we've missed before. It will please your taste buds and you will gain in culinary skills.

7. Get back in touch with your friends/relatives

It is important to maintain good relationships with your friends and loved ones. Remember to check on friends you haven't seen in a long time, contact your grandparents, your parents, chat on the phone with your cousins… It will do you a lot of good and make them happy.

There are still a lot of activities to do during these weeks of confinement, but let's start with these. Hoping the article is useful to you;)

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