Regaining self-confidence after every difficult test you encounter is not an easy thing to achieve. When everything goes wrong, when the people we love leave us, when we lose our jobs… We let ourselves go in our discomfort and we have the impression that nothing will be the same again. We lose taste for life and we think that we are not up to it, we even envy others. 

It's time to pull yourself together, because self-esteem is not given! Maya Angelou once said:

"You can't control every event that happens to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."

Regaining self-confidence after a breakup - Haut Hasse

Here are 8 tips to help you rebuild your self-confidence, even after hitting rock bottom.

Regaining self-confidence after a breakup or betrayal

Not all the people we meet are destined to stay by our side forever, how much we even love them. Every person you meet is there to teach you a lesson about yourself. Unfortunately, when we decide to take different paths or someone abandons us, we lose confidence in ourselves and we no longer know our value.

Give yourself time

The first step is to simply give yourself time! You can't reach the top without starting from the bottom. Live your grief, express your pain and accept it, until the day you wake up in the morning ready to smile at life again!

You are your own happiness - high hoisted

You are your own happiness

Lack of confidence often comes from lack of self-love. Learn to love yourself and enjoy your own company before you want to share the company of others. Take yourself to the cinema, give yourself a gift, do a solo activity… It will be hard at first but you will get to know each other better and make it a ritual.

Don't look for happiness where you lost it

To cling to someone who hurts you is to devalue yourself. A person's self-esteem is his greatest quality. Don't be afraid to leave when you're not being treated for your fair value. 

The positive attracts the positive

The Law of Attraction is a concept of life practiced by many people. The principle is very simple: if you focus enough on the positive, you will end up having more positive experiences. By believing in yourself and highlighting your qualities, you will have an easier time seeing the positive.

Moving forward in small steps

Have you ever heard of the proverb "There's no point in running, you have to start right"? In life, we all want to be the best, succeed in everything we do and we often find ourselves defeated because we can't get what we want. The reason is that when you rush in without being reasonable, you lose sight of the objective. You have to set small, easy-to-achieve goals. Build your dreams one stone at a time.

Social networks do not reflect reality

Social networks do not reflect reality

We live in an era where to escape from our own lives, we get lost on the networks watching those of others. In addition to being time-consuming, this golden cage locks you into your negative thoughts. No, these people don't have a better life than yours, they just don't show you behind the scenes. 

Follow content creators who lift you up, who inspire you to become better! Don't wait for change, be change. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Accepting the fact of going wrong is a first step towards self-acceptance. Sometimes it is enough to express a negative thought out loud to realize that you can improve the situation. Don't be afraid to ask for help! The strength is not to never fail, it is to accept defeat and take the hand that is extended to us to get up.

Your difference is your strength - high

Your difference is your strength

Accepting your difference means showing that you love yourself. Your surroundings only reflect what you want to show him. It's up to you to show who you really are and impose the image you want. 

Knowing how to regain self-confidence is not always easy, but you just have to want it to get there. How about you? What is your mantra for believing in yourself?

It's not over yet! Because we believe in you, here are the best quotes on self-confidence to boost your morale.


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