Who wouldn't want to create their own project, their own start-up and develop their own source of earnings? Living from your passion is the dream of any ambitious person wishing to accomplish their personal development and pursue their dreams.

However, many people are reluctant to start the path of entrepreneurship for fear of failing, fearing difficulties and obstacles related to budget, administrative processes and various challenges.

"Logic makes you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere"

– Albert Einstein

Admittedly, the path to financial independence and self-entrepreneurship is not an easy one, but any good result is accompanied by a hard journey!

The budget is often the first problematic point of this journey, many people with a project in mind stop at this stage. 

Even if being financially wealthy contributes enormously to the rapid realization of the project, embarking on entrepreneurship remains just as feasible from scratch. 

It's all about imagination, thinking, and logical connections to establish a successful work plan.

Above all, make sure you have a clear idea in mind, organize the steps to be taken and define a realistic and achievable goal at the end. The realization of your ideas will depend only on your dedication, motivation and perseverance.


With the evolution of technologies and the diversity of types of companies that have emerged, you will have a great choice as to how your startup works. In case you collaborate with a Fullstack web developer or you are one, creating a digital startup platform will be very simple for you.

If you want to start your digital entrepreneurship adventure, we offer you 10 start-up ideas to launch with little money, without the need for premises or physical location of your company:

1. Create an online training platform

In the digital air, information is more than ever accessible and available all over the world. Online studies are therefore a very useful and convenient way for those who want to learn more without travelling.

Creating an online start-up offering training in one or more fields is one of the best ideas to follow.

Indeed, creating an online teaching platform is easy and cheap, especially if you have knowledge of web development and you are well surrounded by connoisseurs who can lend you a hand for the quick completion of your project.

Once the training platform is online, all you have to do is create content, according to the format you want, by developing your courses yourself or by calling on other teachers and professionals to diversify the themes.


2. Create an e-commerce platform

E-commerce is the trend of the moment, more and more people prefer to order their groceries online and make their purchases from home.

Indeed, with the workload, the congestion and the fast pace of life, moving to the store and the supermarket is far from an easy task.

E-commerce sites therefore facilitate daily tasks by bringing everything the customer needs to his home. The choice is thus easier and the efforts to be made are less numerous, everything is done in a few clicks.

Whether or not a local is needed will depend on the type of e-commerce service you provide, if it is direct sales, you will surely need a place to store merchandise and arrange orders.

Otherwise, you just have to create a sales/buying platform on which sellers, with whom you collaborate, can offer their products for sale on it.

e-commerce platform

This project is likely to evolve! It is possible to move from an exclusively online business to a company with offices, teams and storage warehouses.

3. Launch a website development/creation box

Web development is an activity that can easily be practiced remotely offering the advantage of being able to work freelance with several web developers.

If you are one of them and you want to take your business to a more advanced level, you can create a platform that brings together all your work, your skills, the opinion of your previous customers, as well as your services and your service offering.

This will allow your future prospects to get to know your work better and make your online web development company look more professional.

This will give you a better chance of landing new contracts and working on more projects.


4. Getting started in consulting

If you master any field: marketing, IT, engineering, IT, web development, etc. And that you have enough experience to help customers in need: consulting is for you!

Selling your services as a consultant in a specific field is a good startup idea that allows you not only to share your knowledge, but also to be constantly learning, so as to stay up to date with the advances of the field all the time.

You can offer your services through individual consulting sessions (one to one) or in groups to promote community exchange. 

We recommend that you initially opt for videoconferencing to minimize loads, then face-to-face once your company has reached the desired evolution.


5. Offer Coaching services

Whether it's sports/personal or career coaching, specializing as a life guide or advisor is one of the best startup ideas to launch with little money.

For example, if you are a sports enthusiast and you love to see the physical evolution of others, then sports coaching will surely suit you!

You can establish exercise and healthy eating programs that meet the needs of your clients, while accompanying them on their journey, with your advice and motivation, to help them quickly reach their goals.


Coaching can also concern personal and professional development. There are more and more people lost as to the choice of professional path to follow and who would certainly need to be guided and enlightened on the different areas and options that correspond to them.

Just like consulting, you can organize your coaching sessions by videoconference or face-to-face with an additional cost to be expected.

6. Launch a print-on-demand store

Many people dream of creating their own brand, adding their touch to their clothes or making personalized outfits for other people. A startup specializing in print on demand will allow you to get started easily and cheaply in this field. 

Print-on-demand will allow you to offer the printing of your creative designs or those desired by your customers, on a selection of clothes: T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, or others! 

To get started, you'll only need a specialized printer and a batch of T-shirts. You can then gradually expand your collection of clothes to customize.


7. Create your online Handmade store

If you have any talent in creating or customizing items, whether it's clothes, jewelry or decorative items, digital channels and social networks are a great way to make yourself known and sell your products.

You can start by creating an online store with your products, customizing them as your customers' preferences change. 

As soon as your notoriety starts to climb, you can create a website for your brand, on which your customers will have better visibility of the products you offer and availability. Thus, you will be able to acquire more sales and increase your earnings.

8. Offer copywrite or translation services

If you are proficient in one or more languages, web copywriting and translation are services that you can easily offer to clients. 

In this case, you can get started by offering your services as a freelancer, in order to get used to the nature of the work, but also to make yourself known and have a database of potential clients.

With the evolution of your work, you can then launch a startup specializing in content marketing : web writing, the written identity of a brand, the clothing of websites as well as their translation into several languages, etc.

9. An interior design company

Many people have a great interest in art, design and interior decoration.

Being able to share this passion with others and put their talent into practice in different forms is a perfectly achievable dream!

Indeed, creating an interior design company does not necessarily require a large budget, you can start by proposing your ideas to arrange your customers' spaces and give them your opinion, advice and suggestions as to the changes they can make.

Once your startup has evolved enough, you will be able to offer more sophisticated services and take charge of all the stages of the realization of the chosen interior decoration plan, starting with 3D modeling, at the construction site, up to the manufacture of custom furniture.

Interior decoration - High hoist

10. Get started in IT maintenance

Are you proficient in the language of computing devices? Are you the "geek" who comes to the rescue of those around him as soon as there is someone who has a technical problem? You have every chance of succeeding in the field of computer maintenance.

This job of the future does not require many resources at the beginning: a toolbox, the computer knowledge you have in mind and your talent are enough!

You can start by offering your maintenance services to those around you by visiting them or welcoming their computing devices into your home, as long as the number of customers is manageable.

You can then expand your startup by allocating space and recruiting technicians that you only need to mentor and supervise to help you maintain a larger workload.

Computer maintenance - Haut Hasse

Financial independence accompanied by the realization of a long-awaited dream is the ultimate goal of anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit! 

If you are still hesitating about the project you will have to embark on for your start-up, check out our article that will guide you to find the professional path that suits you.

Do our start-up ideas to launch with little money speak to you? Feel free to suggest other ideas we can add to the list!



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