The new year is approaching and many people are engaging in a retrospective and re-evaluation of their life choices. New Year's resolutions are the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to change their bad habits and start the year with motivation and ambition.

You are lucky enough to be able to live a new year, take the opportunity to think carefully about what you need to change in your life to make it better, the bad habits you need to eliminate and the professional goals you want to achieve. 

All you have to do is list the resolutions for the year 2021 to start this new adventure in the best conditions and on solid foundations.

"In the face of a changing world, it is better to think about change than to change the bandage."  Francis Blanche

Prepare for change

Changing ingrained habits isn't an easy task, so before listing your goals and resolutions for the new year, it's important to take a step back and prepare for this impending change.

The first breakthrough of change is to take a personal inventory, question yourself and take stock of the achievements of the past year in order to become aware of your achievements.

You can focus your new resolutions on the areas where you want to make progress, because investing in itself is arguably the best way to scale.

Take the time to think about how you are going to introduce these new changes into your daily life, how are you going to improve your lifestyle and how you plan to banish all these bad habits.

We advise you to start by listing the small changes that you can implement gradually and above all, stay positive, optimistic and forgiving of yourself.

Limit the list of your resolutions!

One of the most common mistakes is that we make lists of resolutions that are way too long. As soon as the new year comes, we want to do a lot of things, learn several different languages, acquire a lot of professional skills in several areas, eliminate all our bad habits, realize all our dreams etc.

However, one year is often not enough to do all this and we must realize that we are not machines.

You have to know that we only have the attention span that we can devote to self-improvement. Therefore having too many resolutions is a great way to not achieve the many goals you have set for yourself.

Thus, our advice is to make a short list of resolutions that you can manage in the coming year. With small, well-defined goals, you'll have the opportunity to understand your priorities and manage them better.

Your resolutions should be specific, precise, perfectly articulated and measurable. This will make it less difficult for you to understand your goals and achieve them quickly. For example, it is more motivating to note that you have 10 kg to lose than to simply note "lose weight".

And finally, your resolutions must be relevant. For example, if you're interested in reading, but you don't really have the motivation to read often enough and you're the kind of person who starts a book, but only finishes it after 4, 6 months or never? So, do not hesitate to make more effort to quickly read as many books as possible. You must keep every item on this list of resolutions in line with your desires.

Notepad New Year's Objective - High Elevation

Set motivating goals! 

You'll be surprised how often people set goals that aren't actually for them. These can be dictated or imposed by a manager, employer, spouse or group of friends.

It's certainly nice to have outside support, but when these people don't share the same passions or beliefs as you, they shouldn't have any influence on you. 

To be sure you're achieving your goals, you need to set them according to how important they are to you, how valuable they are, and how beneficial they are. It is these elements that will provide you with the motivation, the will and the reason to act.

A motivating goal can also refer to a priority, a dream, an aspiration or even a professional development. By aligning your New Year's resolutions with your dearest desires, top priorities, and professional development, you'll be able to stay motivated in the long run.

Plan your goals by priority - Haut Hisse

Break down big goals into smaller missions! 

In addition to our previous tips, we recommend that you always break down your resolutions into smaller goals and well-defined actions that you can do on a daily basis to get closer to your goal. 

For example, if you are a fan of travel and you plan to go around the world in a year, organize yourself by seasons where, according to the regions to succeed in visiting a maximum of countries, each month. Breaking down this great adventure into several tactical stages, will increase your chances of dominating the world by the end of next year!

Write down your resolutions! 

This step is very important because taking note of your resolutions and goals, clearly and precisely, will motivate you more to take action and make decisions. It's also a great way to see your progress, how far you've come, and what tasks you've accomplished.

Each time you have made a resolution, you will be able to move on to the next one with great enthusiasm and satisfaction. This will help increase your self-confidence. 

Indeed, when you put your ideas and the goal you want to achieve in black and white, doubts about your abilities dissipate and you instinctively start looking for a way to succeed and overcome the obstacles you may encounter.

Write down your goals - high

After this eventful and very complicated year for some, we hope that our tips and tricks for establishing your resolutions will be useful to you. 

You must know that every moment is important, you have to enjoy it and invest in yourself to get the most out of this year. 

Be brave, ambitious, motivated and confident! You are gifted and capable of achieving your wildest dreams. Do not hesitate to share with us your resolutions, objectives and your vision for this new year that is fast approaching!


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