Being your own boss, achieving your professional goals, becoming financially independent and evolving for yourself… This is the dream of many people and for some, entrepreneurship is much more than that, it is the ultimate goal of their career.

An entrepreneur is anyone who undertakes a project, regardless of the size and scope of the project, it can be a small grocery store, a business, a craft project, one or more digital startups, up to large companies in the country.

Entrepreneurship is very attractive for many reasons. If you feel the need to do something different, step out of your comfort zone and take a big step in your career path, then entrepreneurship may well be for you!

All you need is passion, hard work, a great idea, and a desire to learn. With our 5 more tips, nothing will stop you from starting your own business and embarking on this wonderful adventure that is entrepreneurship.

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a term that we hear more and more in France and around the world, but do we really know what it is? When we talk about entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs in general, we often think of traders, restaurateurs, farmers, artisans, car store owners, digital startups, freelance photographers… And much more, but what is the common factor between all these people we call entrepreneurs?

The answer is simple, it's about having relentless courage, determination, a willingness to take risks and a thirst for learning more in order to push them to get started and keep climbing the ladder, even if things are difficult, stressful or desperate along the way.

Being an entrepreneur doesn't just mean living off your passion. You will sometimes be forced to become versatile and perform tasks that you do not necessarily like or that you do not master as well, but with self-confidence and willpower you can quickly become a fulfilled entrepreneur and an excellent business leader.

Find promising sectors to undertake

Many people want to get into entrepreneurship, but don't know which sector to get involved in

Thus, the first step is to find a promising field and a business idea that meets your desires, expectations and needs. Here are our tips to make it happen:

  • If you have acquired knowledge in a particular field during your previous experiences, you can choose to undertake in this sector, it will be easier for you to get involved, because you already have plenty of assets to help you in this process.

For example, if you've worked for years in carpentry and are interested in renovation and construction, you can start your own renovation business or custom furniture workshop. There are so many possibilities available to you.

  • Living from your passion is the ultimate goal and the dream of many people. Are you passionate about writing, music or drawing? Launch your project by doing what makes you happy!

For example, if you're good at writing, start your blog and share your writing with a community. This will allow you to meet and exchange with people who have the same interests as you and why not consider collaborating with them to create a team of writers and launch your business in this field.

  • If you're juggling a few business ideas, pin them to a chalkboard and do your research. Ask the professionals for help and don't hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind. 

Learn about every little detail, the feasibility of each idea, commercial viability, consumer opinion and much more. This will allow you to have a global overview of the projects you have in mind. Thus, you will have the opportunity to make the right choice and especially to SUCCEED!

Validate your idea with the right buyer personas!

Once you have the idea of the project you want to undertake in mind, you need to think about your ideal client and draw a portrait of them.

This step is very important before you start, it will allow you on the one hand to safely assess the viability of your services or products and on the other hand, to do a market study by proposing your offers to a sample of people whose profile and interests correspond to those of your buyer persona that you have previously determined.

Do not hesitate to make surveys and questionnaires to better know their opinion, their expectations and their needs. This will help you set up the offer that suits them and satisfies their desire.

You also have the opportunity to exploit digital channels that represent a formidable tool to test the interest of the market before launching a business.

Simply create a social media page that describes your products or services, then target your buyer persona through ads and promotions.

The plus with this approach is that it allows you to better know your prospect by collecting emails and useful information about him such as age, gender or geolocation and this always with a view to readjusting and improving your proposals.

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Make sure you are well organized

Getting into entrepreneurship requires a lot of organization. Realizing an idea, implementing your project and managing a team is not that simple! For this reason, organization is the key to your success.

When you are a project leader, you must set up a Business Plan. This formalized document details your business goals and the steps you will take to achieve them. This can include a marketing strategy, budget, projections, and financial milestones.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to define your company's mission, vision, and long- and short-term goals. When you do this type of strategic planning for your business, the business plan is a result of your work and helps guide the growth of your startup.

Find a teammate!

It's often very complicated to embark on a new adventure, invest in a new project and start your own business on your own! To lighten this workload a little we suggest you think about teaming up with one or more people who share the same passions, ideas and goals as you. This can be a family member, relative, relative, friend, or even a former co-worker.

A teammate will be of great help to you in overcoming the stressful, exciting and unique trials and experiences that entrepreneurship will put in your way. He will be an unfailing support when you ride the emotional roller coaster, he will keep you from giving up when things go wrong, and he will encourage you and celebrate with you your small victories and achievements.

In addition to sharing his skills and knowledge with you, using his contacts and relationships to expand your professional network and offer you more opportunities, a teammate will greatly contribute to the development of your business, because he can provide you with financial support, but that's not all! Investors are more enthusiastic and support startups and companies run by multiple founders without hesitation. You will have everything to gain!

The world of modern entrepreneurship in tune with digital technology -

"The biggest risk is not taking any." Mark Zuckerberg

If you don't believe in yourself, who will? What makes you a good entrepreneur is not your skills in the field, but your self-confidence. Do not fear anything and rush towards the success and fulfillment of your dreams. 

Successful entrepreneurs are those who act, so talk about your projects to those around you, do your research and market research, consider potential failures… And take action! Don't limit yourself to discussions and planning.

We've shared our top tips and tricks for a successful entrepreneurial career.

What do you think? Are you ready to start your own project? Do not hesitate to share your experiences, advice and knowledge in comment.



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