Haut hisse is an inspiring community of sharing experiences, advice and motivating stories.

We are convinced that each of us has the potential and ability to achieve our goals. You just have to be aware of it and give yourself the means to build your own ship to sail towards your dreams.

Our mission

  • You motivate and inspire you to become better and take control of your life. 
  • You encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and push your limits to achieve your dreams. 
  • Create a community for you to exchange, support and share your experiences with others. 

Our vision

  • Anyone with enough willpower can succeed and achieve their goals.
  • Our failures can be our greatest strength if we learn the right lessons from them. 
  • Success is not due to a stroke of luck, but to willpower, hard work and discipline. 
  • The positive attracts the positive!

Join us and all together, let’s climb up!


Haut hisse a vu le jour grâce à la collaboration de jeunes gens, talentueux, créatifs, passionnés et engagés.

Chacun de nos collaborateurs contribue à laisser une empreinte positive au sein de la communauté de haut hisse, grâce à leur contenu inspirant et impactant.

Vous souhaitez les connaître un peu plus? Ils se présentent un par un par ici :

Liria G.

Co Founder

Sana B.


Hocine L.


Kenza B.


Adel N.


Abderraouf S.