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Haut Hisse is an inspiring community of sharing experiences, advice and motivating stories. We are convinced that each of us has the potential and ability to achieve our goals. You just have to be aware of it and give yourself the means to build your own ship to sail towards your dreams.

Our mission at Haut Hisse is to make each person in the community aware of their full potential allowing them to raise them to the top to become the best version of themselves.

To achieve this, we have very high standards when it comes to the quality of our content.

Our goal is to offer a unique experience to our readers. An experience that will teach them the best personal development techniques, explain how to do entrepreneurship and why it would be beneficial to get into it. A bunch of inspiring books and quotes to accompany them, on a daily basis, and help them overcome the obstacles they will face.

As you can see, Haut-Hisse's major objective is to raise its community upwards!

Why you should share your voice with our community

Whether you have an inspiring story to tell, professional or even personal experiences, or simply strong advice to share, Haut Hisse offers you the opportunity to become a source of inspiration yourself! The opportunity for your voice and personal touch to have a positive impact on the lives of our loyal followers.

Haut Hisse will allow you to enlarge the perimeter of your positive aura on a daily basis!

You will also benefit from the visibility that has high-hoist:

  • Your work will be highlighted on our blog and homepage.
  • It will also be published on all our social networks so that it can reach a wide audience of readers.
  • Each of your articles will be accompanied by your biography (photo / description / social networks / contact or website)
  • An article will be dedicated to each of our contributors/copywriters to allow them to connect with our community.
  • By publishing your content, you will gain instant legitimacy all over the web and on our social networks, which will also have a direct impact on your growth both personally and professionally.
  • For the most committed and motivated, training in copywriting, and many other surprises, will be offered 🙂

All this, wherever you are and whenever you want! You can contribute at your own pace. 

Write with us - Haut Hisse - vlada karpovich

The submission process:

Step 1: You choose the category or subcategory you want to write about. 

The category choices are:

Personal Development, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Quote and Book.

Subcategory: Habits, Productivity, Motivation.

 Step 2: Send us an email with the category or subcategory you chose in the subject line. Do not forget to accompany the email with a brief description of the subject of the article and also with one to three keywords that you want to target (we can help you on this part if the subject is interesting and is accepted)NB: Send your email to: hello@haut-hisse.comStep 3: We will study the topic and send an answer quickly with some tips and guide lines (the word guidelines is pasted).

Step 4: Write a full article, following the guidelines we send you, then send it as Google Docs "make sure it's in edit mode".

Step 5: Our team of expert writers will review the article, provide feedback if necessary, and if approved, publish the article as soon as possible!

NB: Before submitting your article to us, please read our guidelines below to ensure the best chance of having your article reviewed and accepted.

Some general guidelines

Topics and articles we are looking for

Inspiring stories (whether related to your own experiences, or thoseof an acquaintance or celebrity). Whether it's mainly about success, motivation, entrepreneurship or personal development. Whether it explains the habits to follow or it deals with productivity. These are all subjects to which we attach immense importance.

Other subjects, contributing to the development of everyone's potential, arouse our interest. We are talking about summaries of biographical books, or autobiography, that deal with spirituality, the life of entrepreneurs or coaches specializing in personal development.

Recommended item length

Make sure your article contains between 800 and 1,500 words.

Your article should be easy to read and uncluttered (divided into sections with headings and subheadings). You can join it with pictures to illustrate your ideas. However, our team reserves the right to modify the images if they are not professional enough or do not correspond to the image of Haut-Hisse. 

Provide original, personal and honest work

Plagiarism is our enemy!

We are only looking for original content that has never been published anywhere else (neither at the level of your personal blog, nor at the level of your social networks).

The article you submit may not contain subsections from your own blog or copy from another previously published article.

The content must be sincerely yours, formulated in your own way. We are looking for creativity and originality.

Keep in mind that you can share yourarticle where you want but not republish it elsewhere without our permission (duplicate content)

We must have only unique items. If youre-publish your article on another website or personal blog, google will represent it as duplicate content, which will be very bad for you and for us, and we will therefore be obliged to deleteit.

To comply with our guidelines and/or to make your item clearer, we also reserve the right to make minor changes to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read our instructions.

Thank you for your interest in Haut Hisse and your willingness to publish your content on our website.

We look forward to working with you!

The Haut Hisse team

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels