Everyone of us, at a certain period of his life, feels a sense of Demotivation, abandonment or even bitterness. It is usually as you grow up, from adolescence that we begin to doubt ourselves, to lose confidence in oneself.

However, some of us manage to find the courage to take control but others do not!

You Ever been there? Feeling that nothing is worth the effort? That everything you do doesn't really make sense!

Rest assured, you are not alone in this world!

In This article, we will introduce you to the key steps to motivate yourself, without resorting to a coach or a psychologist…

I can - high hoist
  1. Wake up your inner child: Don't let the problems of adulthood overwhelm you and extinguish your flame, even if it's often inevitable and these problems eventually catch up with you. Always keep your child's soul!
  2. Think big!: Don't limit your gaze, be ambitious! Always aim for the tops, even if you won't necessarily reach them from the start, but at least you'll get as close as possible. Greed in this case is welcome!
  3. Talk positive, talk about success: Whether it's with your friends, family or even yourself, your speech directly impacts your mind. Adopt one that is positive and avoid pessimism. Always try to talk about things that give you joy, hope, and brighten your heart.
  4. Value yourself!: We tend to underestimate ourselves, to always talk about ourselves in negative, some would report it to self-mockery and others for fear of the evil eye …!!! Whatever the reason, if you don't value yourself, don't wait for others to do it for you!

Those Four points are just a few examples among many others that can help you regain self-confidence and motivate you to accomplish tasks that you do not find the courage to undertake.

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But the fact remains that everything must come from YOU! You are your best friend and your worst enemy, only you have the power to change yourself. Change your view of the world, change your way of thinking! But first of all, say YES to change!

In the next article, we'll help you find the inspiration you're missing to create that long-awaited change within you.

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