Creativity is innate, of course! Even if creatives are in constant production and creation, it is quite normal to have moments of creative emptiness. This can be due to several factors: fatigue, overwork, lack of concentration… and so on!

This emptiness is not inevitable, if you feel at times a Blackout and you can no longer think, do not panic! It happens to the biggest 😉

Getting lost in thought... top hoist
Getting lost in thought…

There are some fairly simple ways to get you out of this black hole, these are little tricks that will help you find inspiration to fulfill your dreams, to realize your projects or simply to resume this online training that you started 3 months ago and abandoned by laziness …

Looking for ideas - Haut Hasse
Looking for your ideas…

In this article, we will show you 8 simple tips to find the inspiration you are missing.

  • Mother nature: Get outside for fresh air as often as possible, take a good time observing the beauty of nature and fill your lungs with clean air by breathing deeply.
  • Your entourage: spend time with your family, take the trouble to take an interest in what they like.
  • Get inspired by a role model: Read a biography (or autobiography) of a person who knew how to follow his ambitions and create his own path to success.
  • Listen to music: Enjoy each musical note and try to put yourself in the composer's shoes and try to understand his state of mind at the time of composition.
  • Little creatures: Spend time with children, learn to see the world through their eyes.
  • The web is your best friend: Watch videos of inspiring people, motivational speeches, or simply browse Facebook pages that contain inspirational quotes.
  • Offline mode activated: Disconnect for a while and reconnect with the "paper"; Keep a journal or a book!
  • Explore the unknown: Experience something new and enjoy the feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone!
Feeling Good - Haut Hasse
Feeling good!

These 8 tips are just a few examples that can help you find inspiration, boost your motivation and give you a good boost to undertake everything that is important to you. There are a dozen others, we will tell you about them in the next articles;)

In the meantime, you can take a look at this article that will give you the 4 good tips to boost your motivation.

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