The year 2019 has finally given way to the year 2020!

Like every end of the year, we reflect on everything we have experienced, our successes and failures. We project ourselves into the future by imagining scenarios, wondering if this new year will be better. We then set goals, dreams and resolutions… Ah, that famous word that comes up every year!

We have all decided to make good resolutions, at least once in our lives: "this year, it's decided I'm going back to sport! ", "This year, I promise I will devote myself more to my studies! "This year, I stop junk food and eat healthy! But how many of us have actually complied with these resolutions?! Not much, alas! Few people succeed.

This is why it is important to choose our resolutions carefully, and especially to be aware of the impact they will have on our lives.

In this article, we propose 9 good resolutions that will have a positive influence on your daily life throughout the year, and that will help you achieve your dreams and goals.

  1. Improve your sleep: Give your body the rest it needs to function well. Avoid staying up late at night so you can wake up early enough in the morning and enjoy your day to be as productive as possible.
  2. Reduce your junk food consumption: Resisting a McDonald's or a Pizza is not always easy, but to improve your health, it is imperative to eat balanced most of the time. You will leave the delicacies as a reward once in a while. 
  3. Control your expenses: Don't buy something just because it's fashionable, or because others have done it, but rather, because you actually need it. Your wallet will thank you and so will the planet!
Control your spending - high hoist
C Spend less and save more…
  1. Say to god to procrastination: Don't put off until tomorrow the things you had to do today, because the longer you wait, the less chance you will have to do them.
  2. Read more often: Set a goal to read at least one book each month, it will relax you, increase your creativity and change your level of culture.
  3. Play sports: Choose a physical activity that you enjoy and that suits you. Go at your own pace, you will increase your energy and be more fulfilled.
Play sports - Haut Hasse
Sport is about surpassing oneself…
  1. Spend more time with your loved ones: Visiting the people you love and strengthening your bond with them will do you the greatest good.
  2. Learn new things: Consider enrolling in a course in a field you're passionate about, or learning a new language. This will open doors to new opportunities and make you more confident.
  3. Enable offline mode: Some will have trouble with this last point, but you have to know how to get away from screens, disconnect from social networks and the internet for at least 1 hour a day! Take advantage of this moment and relax in peace to recharge your batteries and fill up with serenity.
Relax - Haut Hasse
Disconnecting from the world is a luxury…

There are still so many resolutions that we can quote, however, the most important thing is to succeed in keeping them.

But how do you find the motivation to achieve this? Discover here 4 simple steps to boost your motivation.



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